Chris Spector, Midwest Record: Get Up and Shake It

KING BROTHERS/Get Up and Shake It: A pair of real blues brothers that haven’t recorded in 15 years show that time hasn’t dimmed their ability to rock the house all night long. On this record, they mix songs in a one from me/one from the classics song list and it’s delightfully effective. Solid entertainers that… [Read more]

Another Blues is Knocking

The King Brothers Get Up and Shake It (2016)   Having Freddie King in the family never did any harm to a Bluesman. Having said that, I must admit that these King Brothers speak with their own voice. And that’s what’s expected of any true Bluesman. In particular when you consider that these days there… [Read more]

Bman’s Blues Report – Get Up & Shake It

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Get Up & Shake It from The King Brothers and it’s quite good. Opening with Muddy Waters’, Rock Me Baby, lead vocalist and guitarist, Lee King leads the way. With a mildly funky blues feel, Al Threats plucks his bass giving the track a… [Read more]

The King Brothers “Get Up And Shake It”

By Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro, © September 2016. King. Has there ever been a surname more synonymous with the blues than that? Of course not! Why just telling you a little bit about the many Kings of the genre would take me well over an hour, but since you already know about most of them, let… [Read more]

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